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Playing games is as old as the hills and all kinds of people get a great deal of enjoyment in getting involved. We look at all kinds of them and review some of our favorites right here!

Welcome to Fetching Studio which focuses on all kinds of different games that can be played by people of all ages. We love playing games and it often doesn't matter if its a humble board game that the family can gather around and enjoy, a computer game that is played solo or two or more players, or a big outdoor party game that can involve as many people as there are people!

Board Games

chessAs timeless as the hills, board games have been around in one guise or another for centuries, with records of variations of board games dating back to biblical times. Ancient games have endured the centuries to evolve into the modern incarnations that we play and enjoy today, such as backgammon, chess and checkers.

Many of the ancient forms of our modern games were devised purely for gambling, backgammon being probably one of the oldest games of skill to be used in this way. Some were played purely to display a player's prowess and skill such as with chess. Others were played for fun and to entertain families in times when the modern forms of entertainment that we take for granted simply didn't exist.

Computer Games

Of course with the age of technology sweeping us all up in its wake, the physical forms of games have been transferred to computer displays and a whole new breed of gaming genre has come about. From similarly humble beginnings with simple games that were no more than two while blocks to represent bats and a smaller white bock to represent a ball, immense graphically impressive mega games have emerged.

arcade gamesIn the 1980s, arcade games became popular beginning with Space Invaders enthralling millions of players throughout the world. Games became more sophisticated but were still limited by hardware constraints, with the best graphics available only on expensive arcade game cabinets which were huge and heavy affairs.

With the revolution in personal computing that came to us by the mid 1990s thanks to sweeping advances in hardware and ever cheaper memory chips, home computer games emerged that had graphics and fast game play that was as good as the commercial machines. Game characters started to emerge as popular fictional people, such as Lara Croft from the popular Tomb Raider series.

As the computer games industry marched ever forward in terms of ever better and more realistic graphics and accelerated game play, the gambling industry took full advantage and online casinos were created, evolving into ever better establishments emulating the real thing. This trend has seen all kinds of games from the betting variety to the purely entertainment kind migrate onto mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Online Games: The Next Level

It doesn't get much better than getting into some of the most up to the minute megagames that you can find online. It doesn't really matter what genre your preference may be, there are plenty of choices available for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Some people have a tendency to gravitate toward the kind that you can add that extra element of excitement to: the gamble! There is a proliferation of choices in the online casino scene that will really and truly blow your mind, if that's the kind of thing you are into.

If you prefer a more traditional way to spend some money with the ever present possibility of making a bigger stack back when lady luck is in your corner, there is no shortage of sportsbook sites that give you everything that a regular High Street bookmaker can give plus a all the convenience and high tech options of an Internet based book.

Today is a truly exciting time to play all kinds of exciting and fascinating games on all kinds of platforms from the technologically advanced to the physical retro style games that are played with real people and real figures.